In all these things I've done

There is only one that sickens me to the core of my soul

Could I do away with that single time

That I lay grace before your rotted door

Where I've righted you

Let me take it back

Usher hate into your weakened heart

I'd win again

Could I remove myself from this sick skin stitched to me


There is no loss

Without a cost


Hold you breath

Walk the hard road

In my arms

Nothing but hurt, untold


Turn your face away

From the righteous sun

Grow with me boy

We are the blackest ones

Turn your heart away

From these feeble stones

Walk with me boy

We leave a trail of bones


Man but never man

Separated from the herd

A snake who never knew his place

Hold me underfoot, belly to the ground

I'd still return poisoning all your dreams

And you asked for this

The way you made me think that I was more than I could ever be

Just bury me

Leave me in the dirt

Let the beasts come tear me down


Nothing to gain

Without the pain


And the names of the players return to my mind

I'll keep all those mysteries, burn them alive



A blood drenched scene

Let me bow, one last time, Queen


I never believed I could remain a slave in this life forced upon me I drank enough tears to escape