Their faith echoes and decays

Closed loop signals end of days

No longer lift eyes to the sky

Won't bow to us, they'd rather die


Olympus beckons, on they climb

At the summit, death may die

Left no better than them

Gods of light, garden of men


He is the one to deliver you from hope

Sever the chains and snap the bleeding rope

Form a noose. No more excuse

Lift you up and set you loose


He spills his blood, makes this fertile land

Condemned by his own red hand

Kiss of Betrayal. No longer fatal

The hand of the Devil acts as the faithful


I see Iscariot in them all,

Scarred mark of the betrayer

Up against the wall

It's human nature after all,

Creation kill creator

This is the fall

Of the world

And of you all


Crossing his palm they enter our domain.

Release and then you'll feel no pain.

You'll never perish. Never diminish.

Escape the flesh you've learnt to cherish.


Follow the star, a God you're cursed to obey  

Inside, that you will never betray.

Exceed all Evil. Even the Devil.

Sacrifice the skin free the vessel.


This is no sacrifice.


They are only flesh,

And we are made of light.

They are only blood,

We are prepared to fight.

They are only flesh,

And we are made of light.

We are chosen blood

Of greater Gods.


Give us the strength to make foes fear us,

Give us the strength to take them all,

Make every act decisive and vicious,

Waves of attack until we fall.

Downward; the final curtain call beckons.

Towards the glowing light we bend.

Onwards we go into Armageddon,

Forwards we go until the end.

And if we die at the hands of the faithful,

If we die in the name of God,

Then we will know true cost of betrayal,

The price of the kill before the cross.