Bind you tight

Hang you high

Tears that I cry

Make me blind


Painted red

Man’s sorrow

Put to bed


You took her from me

That whitest flower stood alone

She offered nothing

And you possessed her, made her home

There’s no forgiveness

My heart stopped black and full of stone

All that you have done

I’ll take it back in skin and bone


You made her nothing

You cut from her the tongue to beg

I am so broken

Drowned in the woe inside my head

Just one clear vision

Of Rape and Murder lying dead

The Lord no longer

I’ll play the villain now instead


I’ll lay this banquet

Around the table, bulging greed

Then from dark corners

My girl and I will slowly creep

Her face envailed

To hide the blood that’s bound to seep

From that young sweet mouth

Where you removed the sense to speak


My hands around her

You forced me to this, realise

All eyes upon us

As taking her reveals your lies

Over her corpse

We’ll feast upon your still warm flesh

Then it is done

I’ll die, I’ll die, a frantic wretch


My shame be buried with her soiled dress now

(Nothing left to say)

Let those hereafter know the ways we fell down

(Left with Hell to pay)


Over and over and over again

Ever insistent the screams and the red

Wipe the slate clean with the sweat from your head


No time for lovers arms to make her whole

All this sin sprayed across her shattered soul

Child no more, removal of her honesty

Let this end, snap her neck, set her free