Where X = Gullible

In what might be a first for a metal band, we're sharing a link to X Factor winner Steve Brookstein's page as a recent story about a young girl called Cory Spedding's experience with the show has gone viral and will no doubt end up in the tabloids on what will no doubt be considered a "slow news day". You can read her story here:


If you can't be arsed to read it, allow me to summarise - young, attractive singer who went to a famous performing arts school with Rita Ora gets invited to audition for the X Factor, does a 30 second audition and gets sent directly to the live auditions at the MEN arena in front of the judges, where she is completely shafted on stage and humiliated.

Got it? Good. So, I feel this is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we may have found the most gullible person on Earth. And secondly, it confirms what any person with an IQ over 12 has long since suspected - that the X Factor is a complete and utter sham. Shock horror.

I find the whole situation laughable to be honest. At no point did any alarm bells ring in her head? When they trying to portray her as Rita Ora's bestest mate in the whole wide world? When they were demanding she sang a specific song in her audition? When they said, "You're so super special you can just forego the entire auditioning process and jump straight into the live auditions! Yay you!"? No?

This whole story reads as someone who was perfectly happy to go along with everything when she thought it was to her benefit, who then got played by the system she was previously happy to exploit. Or alternatively, as someone naive enough to think that the X Factor is a serious singing competition that has no ulterior motives whatsoever. Would any talented person, in good faith, think that they had done enough in the original 30 second audition to warrant being given a spot in the big live, televised audition process? How can you think for one second that it is a legitimate competition when Cheryl fucking Cole is one of the judges? That woman is about as fit to comment on singing ability as I am to comment on the finer points of 17th century French pottery.

I wonder though, if they had put her through would there have been all this outrage on her part? If they'd have played the Rita Ora/Schoolmates angle to her benefit would she be hyperventilating all over Facebook? Probably not. I suspect she'd have kept her mouth shut and gone along with it for as long as it benefitted her. I noticed she made no mention of anything on Facebook when they told her she  could jump the queue to get to the live auditions because she was Rita Ora's mate...

Perhaps my favourite bit of her post, though, is her sign-off line: "Who needs X Factor for success? Not me".

Really? Then what the fuck were you doing auditioning for it (and "The Voice") in the first place? Yep, that sentiment really rings true. That's why you mentioned you got to "bootcamp" in a previous series is it? Because your career has been going so well since that you had to audition again? Despite all of your hard working and constant touring and writing material everyday, you'd thought you'd just try the shortcut to fame and fortune for a laugh did you?

What it boils down to is that, deep down, you don't actually want to be a singer, or a musician, or an artist. You want to be a celebrity. You want to prostitute whatever actual genuine talent you do have for the opportunity to be in the newspapers and have a few hundred thousand followers on Twitter. Well guess what, mission accomplished. Supposedly the story will be in the papers, and your story has gone viral. Enjoy your fifteen seconds of fame before you and your entire life's creative output disappear into an abyss of eternal obscurity. I hope it was worth it.

But I'm still incredulous that anyone can be stupid and naive enough to believe that the X Factor is a real competition. They clearly didn't teach her very well at Sylvia Young's performing arts school. Not that I'm particularly surprised by that, given these types of schools are the factories where they roll these fuckers off the conveyor belt, straight into the jaws of Satan himself. Or Simon, as I believe he goes by these days.

In a nutshell, pretty, young, starlet wannabe gets chewed up and spat out by the very same corrupt machinery she was happy to use to get her to where she wanted to be. Boo hoo.

Move along. Literally nothing to see here.


- Tom

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